Tyga Tops Last Year’s Birthday Present For Kylie Jenner With A Mercedes-maybach Luxury Car


It’s an glad early birthday for Kylie Jenner!  The E! Fact superstar took to Snapchat on Saturday to share an additional targeted surprise she got from boyfriend Tygain honor of her 19th birthday on August 10. Hypothesis was once excessive as to how the “Rack city” rapper could even compete with final yr’s lavish present, a white Ferrari offered to Jenner at her celebratory bash, however the verdict is formally in: Kylie is obsessed.

Tyga Tops Last Years Birthday PresentAlbeit a a lot quieter reveal, the make-up mogul was certainly floored to see a company new sporting activities auto with a large pink bow parked outside her condo. Tyga will also be heard singing “glad Birthday” to his woman love, who presents a dramatic gasp before announcing, “discontinue! T!,” utilizing his nickname.
From the appears of it, Tyga proficient Kylie with a Mercedes-Maybach, which is reportedly valued at upwards of $one hundred ninety,000.

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