After Action Review: Did Conor McGregor Actually Beat Nate Diaz at UFC 202?

After Action Review Did Conor McGregor Actually Beat Nate Diaz at UFC 202
For 31 months the first rate Conor McGregor appeared all but invincible. 5 top flight opponents entered the cage with him. Before the end of the second stanza, all 5 had fallen to his potent hands.

After Action Review Did Conor McGregor

Via adversity and injury, against wrestler and striker, one issue held actual in the global’s maximum chaotic sport: McGregor could place his fists on any other guy, and that man could fall. Loss of life. Taxes. “the infamous” Conor McGregor’s left-hand.

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It is no surprise then. Mcgregor noticed Nate Diaz as simply any other opponent. Diaz, in concept, becomes no extraordinary than some other guy, that’s to say he was born to be a sufferer of the extremely good Conor McGregor. Just a skinny-fat pretender who had didn’t claim the throne McGregor now sat so firmly upon.
Reality intruded, as it so regularly does in combat sports, inside the shape of a punch right to the face. Diaz’s noodle-armed blows, it appeared, knocked the hubris out of Mcgregor, losing him, forcing him to shoot for a careworn takedown, the gazelle on foot proper into the lion’s den to deliver fast justice.

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